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Cenit L

Light-curing PMMA resin with best viscosity for application in the laboratory. It polymerises in each standard laboratory light unit with a spectral range of 300–500 nm. Polymerisation time 3–5 minutes.



Application fields

  • for the production of space maintainers when producing bleaching splints
  • for the production of reservoirs when producing medical splints
  • to fill up air bubbles in the working model
  • to block out undercuts
  • for the mounting of broken teeth

  • economic and clean working due to delivery in a dosing syringe
  • coating thicknesses up to 2 mm are cured within one production step
  • exact determination of coating thickness by increasing colour intensity
  • colour: light-blue
Delivery forms
D3815 Cenit L Light-curing PMMA resin