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Dublisil® 20 speed

Dublisil® 20 speed is an universal duplicating material for all kinds of duplications with a final hardness of 20 shore A. Due to the practical way of mixing and the very thin-flowing initial consistency duplicating models can be produced in accurate detail.

Excellent mechanical properties provide for a trouble-free demoulding. Negative forms made of Dublisil® 20 speed can be filled several times without losing their precision. The surface of the duplication model is smooth and hard without any additional treatment.


  • Due to the short hardening time models can be demoulded after only 10 minutes. This saves time in the working process.
  • Forms are almost shrinkless and have a high form consistency and long lasting dimensional stability thanks to the use of a platinum hardener system.
  • Optimum adaptation to the mixing and dosing unit Dosper ensures premium material quality standards.

  • final hardness 15 Shore A, thin-flowing
  • medium hardness for stable dublication forms for e. g. attachment and milling techniques
  • component A = white, B = blackberry
Delivery forms
D4515 Dublisil® 20 speed 2 x 850 ml bottles A+B
D4516 Dublisil® 20 speed 2 x 5.1 l canisters A+B
D4517 Dublisil® 20 speed 2 x 21.2 l canisters A+B