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MegaBase® Starter Kit

MegaBase® stays permanently soft and is the relining material for dental prosthetics. The autopolymerising silicone is suitable for direct and indirect fabrication. The range of indications is highly variable, it helps to relieve pressure sores, provides a protective coating after implant treatment and improves suction. MegaBase® silicone has the optimum final hardness of 33 Shore A, is extremely tear-resistant and easy to process in a time-saving fashion.

The MegaBase® 2K Lack is a new product. The dual component silicone lacquer is designed for the final coating on relining materials that remain soft. It exhibits excellent mechanical properties, contains no solvents and is fully self-hardening. The surface is transparent and shiny and optimally sealed.

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  • Silicone: high biocompatibility
  • Silicone: optimum binding to prosthetic resins
  • Lacquer: odourless, gentle on the skin, biocompatible
  • Starter Kit: perfectly coordinated full system
  • 50 ml double cartridges with silicone
  • 50 ml double cartridges MegaBase® 2K Lack
  • 6 mixing tips, green
  • 6 mixing tips, light blue
  • 10 ml bottle MegaBase® adhesive
  • 3 grinding tools
  • notepad with care instructions for patients
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D5038223 MegaBase® Starter Kit Contents: 50 ml double cartridges with silicone, 50 ml double cartridges MegaBase® 2K Lack LP, 6 mixing tips green, 6 mixing tips light blue, 10 ml bottle MegaBase® adhesive, 3 grinding tools, notepad