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Modralit® 3K Set

Model die material on the basis of polyurethane for the production of precise models with absolutely lifelike and stable reproduction of dimensions. Thanks to its edge strength Modralit® 3K is especially suitable for the precious metal and non-precious metal technique and above all for shoulder and partial crown preparations. The Modralit® 3K set is sufficient for approx. 10 complete basing arches.

  • pourable and easy-flowing
  • accurate reproduction of details
  • shrinkage < 0.05 %
  • edge strength and abrasion resistant
  • absolutely stable dimensions
  • after only 1 h it can be cut and ground
  • can be coated with standard lacquers
  • Separator, a separating agent between Modralit® 3K and polyether impressions is optionally available
  • colour: ivory
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D3926 Modralit® 3K Set Model die material