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Drufosoft® Shell

The high-quality mouthguard system for sports and leisure time. Drufosoft® Shells are anatomically shaped mouthguards made of EVA, which are individually adjusted by use of a shell former (latex foil). Drufosoft® Shells enable the fast and efficient production of mouthguards with excellent shock absorption. Only one thermoforming process guarantees a precise fitting of the mouthguard, with an ideal thickness of up to 4 mm in the anterior teeth area. It is perfectly suitable for hobby athletes and adolescents.

  • controlled fitting by dentists
  • individually produced in dental laboratories
  • perfect fitting, no impact on speech or breathing
  • special safety characteristics
  • uncomplicated, fast manufacturing
  • inexpensive alternative/ supplement to laminated mouthguards
  • especially recommended for children and adolescents
  • many different colours
Delivery forms
D4443X1 Drufosoft® Shell transparent 5 pieces
D4443X2 Drufosoft® Shell black 5 pieces
D4443X3 Drufosoft® Shell blue 5 pieces
D4443X4 Drufosoft® Shell neon yellow 5 pieces
D4443X5 Drufosoft® Shell neon green 5 pieces
D4443X6 Drufosoft® Shell white 5 pieces
D4443X7 Drufosoft® Shell neon red 5 pieces
D4443X8 Drufosoft® Shell pink 5 pieces
D4443X9 Drufosoft® Shell colourmix 8 pieces (1 shell per colour)