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Labormat TH

Robust stainless steel wax dispenser for up to 6 cuvettes. Infinitely adjustable temperature of 65–95 °C with manual adjustability of the spray time up to six minutes. Momentary pushbutton for short brewing as well as integrated hand shower. Also suitable for the polymerisation of hot polymers.

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  • Robust, low-maintenance technology
  • Simple and comfortable operation
  • Housing: stainless steel

Flask basket

Made of V2A, with plastic handle for 3 flasks. You need 2 flasks for the Labormat TH and 4 flasks for the Labormat SD.

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Unisol E

Descaling agent for cleaning and care of frequently used boiling-out units.

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Unisol W

Concentrated wax-solving additive for a quicker and more intense cleaning of models in wax boiling-out units (e.g. Labormat).

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Zerosil® soft

Addition-curing impression silicone. High-quality, low-cost alternative to alginate impressions. Can be filled several times. Disinfectable and compatible with all plaster materials. Unlimited storage. Especially suitable for the situation impression.

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Mixing tips, 5:1, yellow

Suitable for 380 ml cartridges.

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Attachment for the use of 380 ml cartridges.

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MegaBase® Starter Kit

Permanently soft-remaining relining material on the basis of addition-curing polysiloxanes. The auto-polymerising silicone is suitable for the direct (chairside) and indirect production method. The scope is very diverse and includes e.g.

  • Relief of pressure points
  • Protective cover after implantation
  • Improvement of the suction effect

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