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Polymax 5

Solid pressure polymerisation unit for cold and hot polymerisation of dental resins, that is receptive for one large articulator, three brass flask including clamp respectively 4 Castdon flasks with a 90 minutes timer. It has a temperature of up to 95 °C that can be adjusted continously. The variably adjustable pressure make sure you will get perfect results. Can also be used as pressure compressor.

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  • Solid and maintenance-free technique
  • Automatic safety-sealing-systems
  • Housing cover made of stainless steel
  • External housing made of hard-wearing PU

Castdon Starter Kit

Comprehensive complete package with all necessary system components for the preparation of full and partial dentures. Contains material for the preparation of about 8 full dentures. All listed items are also sold seperately.

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  • Break-proof and colour stable
  • Excellent flow characteristics
  • Lowest shrinkage


Highly transparent two layer thermoforming blank made of PETG and EVA. High wearing comfort occlusion splint through hard surface and soft inner side. Bonds with acrylate for the individal adjustment.

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