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DocSnoreNix® Starter Set

Extremely silent.

You snored, honey! The distress is evident as well rested feels different! Are there any solutions? The research reaches from separate bedrooms to the classic clothespin. Sometimes even dangerously appearing equipment were developed and tormented the already exhausted noisy sleepers additionally. Many medical and technical solutions had to be rethought until a clinical study described the global innovation DocSnoreNix® as follows: A maximum reduction of the condyle-load at REM sleep.

  • maximum reduction of strain to the condyle
  • super-elastic fastening and connecting elements
  • swallowing reflex remains unaffected
  • Pair of pliers
  • 1 x patient set of protrusion springs
  • Thermoforming blanks (2 x Kombiplast 3 mm)
  • Protrusion calibre
  • Lightdon Gel, 20 ml transparent
  • Lightdon Bonding, 10 ml bottle
  • Ultratrimm medium
  • Accessories
  • Manual
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D4600 DocSnoreNix® Starter Set Pair of pliers, 1 x patient set of protrusion springs, Thermoforming blanks, Protrusion calibre, Lightdon Gel, Lightdon Bonding, UltraTrimm medium, Accessories, Manual

Optional available:
D770231 Flyer – Snore no longer DIN A4, 4 colors, german/english
D770233 Patient information DocSnoreNix DIN A4, 4 colors, english
D770232 Patient information DocSnoreNix DIN A4, 4 colors, german