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Extremely fast.

The EyeVolution® light polymerisation units base upon the latest developments in the field of LED technique. They distinguish through their simple and intuitive handling, and due to their compact dimensions they are most suitable also for individual work stations.

Most modern LED components generate exact wavelengths with extremely high light performances, thus providing for an optimum polymerisation with shortened curing times and minimum thermal strain on the material.

Due to an almost unlimited durability of the LEDs the exchange of the light sources during maintenance is made redudant.


Light polymerisation unit for use with all commercially available base materials:

  • Build-up resins for thermoformed splints
  • Individual tray materials
  • Sealing lacquers
  • Blockout resins


Here you can download our V-Max brochure free of charge.

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  • 12 V unit
  • Reflective 360° rotary table avoids formation of shades
  • LED wave lengths: 2 x 385 nm and 2 x 465 nm
  • Most easy handling with electronic timer
Technical Data
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 205 x 205 x 255 mm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Power supply: 100–240 V / 50–60 Hz / 0.7 A
  • Input power: max. 18 W
  • Polymerization peaks: 385–390 + 465–470 nm
  • Programmable time periods: 1/ 2/ 3/ 5/ 10 min.
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