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Fixtemp cement

Eugenol-free fixing cement containing zinc oxide for temporary dentures, ideally combinable with Fixtemp C&B. The double chamber syringe enables a direct application and guarantees a fast and hygienic operating without problems.

Technical Data
  • Mixing ratio 1:1
  • Content 5 ml


Processing properties

  • Processing time > 1:00 min. at 23 °C
  • Curing time in the mouth approx. 3:00–5:00 min.
  • Removal of surplus after setting approx. 5:00–6:00 min.


Physical properties

  • Compressive strength approx. 4–5 MPa
  • Film thickness < 20 μm
Delivery forms
D503931 Fixtemp cement 5 ml double chamber syringe incl. 5 mixing tips, brown