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MaxiFreshTM makes sports mouthguards and dental splints hygienically clean



The hygienic care of your splint and mouthguard has never been so simple and gentle! The usage acceptance of people who use splints and mouthguards has risen considerably.


PZN: 9522697

  • simple and professional cleaning
  • no brushing no mechanical action
  • reduced turbidity and discoloration
Delivery forms
D4100 24 MaxiFreshTM cleaning tablets incl. bowl
D4101 24 MaxiFreshTM cleaning tablets Refill Set
D4102 MaxiFresh Promo Box 10 x D-4100 MaxiFresh incl. case/ 10 x D-4101 MaxiFresh Refill/ 100 x D-700210 Patient Info MaxiFresh/ 2 x Display Shelf
D770232 Patient information DocSnoreNix DIN A4, 4 colors, german
D770233 Patient information DocSnoreNix DIN A4, 4 colors, english
D4103 MaxiFreshTM cleaning tablet single

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