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Your convenient order portal for 3D dental models "Made in Germany". Whether prosthetics, orthodontics or medical devices. Absolutely precisely detailed in production, maximum open system with a validated process chain. In line with the principle of "one-stop shopping": From data validation to final curing, our highly skilled technical support ensures the highest industry standard for your model. Not only in consistent quality, but also in record time: Thanks to the uniform process management your model leaves our factory within 24 hours.


You print it

Innovative development, optimally adjusted to each other and reliable in support: by choosing the FotoDent® product world, you do not only get a wide variety of materials for tailor-made DLP resins for every dental need. And you're on the safe side: By following the manufacturing process, your molded pieces will give you printed products that are more precise and last longer.

FotoDent® material matrix

PrinterAckurettaAsigaCarbonMiiCraftRapid ShapeSprintRayW2P
FotoDent® dentureooo
FotoDent® IBToo
FotoDent® guideoo
FotoDent® splint*oo
FotoDent® trayoo
FotoDent® castoo
FotoDent® setupoo
FotoDent® modeloo
FotoDent® model2o
FotoDent® gingivaoo

*in registration

• Print parameter available
o Print parameter available soon

Status: August 2020

FotoDent® resins