We develop product systems that are based on the requirements of dentists and dental technicians for their work utensils. Or, to put it proverbially: We are always up to date and in almost every mouth. In order to provide you with excellent quality, we only use selected raw materials for the production of our products and produce according to the latest working methods.

This is how we meet today's requirements in terms of quality, durability and biocompatibility. Our production standard is also documented by the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485 and the directive 93/42/EEC for medical devices.

Impression taking

Temporary care

3D printing

Thermoforming technique


Resin pouring technique

Light polymerisation

Laboratory silicones


On the safe side

HIBC for more efficiency and patient safety

With the “Health Industry Bar Code” (HIBC) you are able to scan the future of every single cartridge. HIBC replaces the outdated barcodes and facilitates the uninterrupted documentation of production lot and expiration date. Manual input becomes redundant. The supply chain from Dreve via the retailer to your clinic is completely covered with a scan only.

A true benefit also for your in-house logistics!

Our medical devices are registered in many countries. Please contact us for further information.