Functional, aesthetic, custom-fit.

With Castdon we offer an unbeatabable, complete cold-curing system for the resin pouring technique. In contrast to the hot polymer, dentures made of Castdon resin have a significantly lower shrinkage. In addition, the processing is easier, faster and cleaner.



  • lowest shrinkage
  • excellent flow characteristics
  • break-proof and color stable
  • minimal residual monomer content
  • also suitabale for pressing process as well as for relining / repairs
  • tested for biocompatibility


  • Total prosthodontics
  • Partial prosthodontics
  • Implant prosthodontics
  • Immediate prosthodontics
  • Relinings
  • Repairs
  • Additions

Technical information

Bending strength

Residual monomer after 48 h at 37 °C


How it works

1. Align

  • maximum dorsal model height
  • create wax modeling as usual
  • functional ridges must be free of wax
  • align model in cuvette

2. Fix

  • fix model with wax on the base plate
  • lock the cuvette top with clamps
  • check correct closure

3. Mix

  • if necessary, shake Siliform before use
  • measure 150 ml for each component and mix homogeneously with spatula

4. Fill

  • fill cuvette completely from above in a thin stream

5. Curing

  • ideally, cure the silicone under the same pressure as during the polymerization of the casting resin (e.g. Polymax)
  • curing about 30 minutes

6. Demoulding

  • loosen the bottom plate and demould the model

7. Cut out

  • two sprues are always stung in the dorsal area of the alveolar ridge
  • create a channel in the upper jaw centrally to the base

8. Repositioning

  • remove wax from teeth with stainless steel bottom plate
  • roughen teeth and attach retention
  • reposition teeth in the duplicating
  • the moist surface of Siliform does not require bonding of the teeth

9. Isolate

  • water the model in warm water, then dry the surface
  • isolate with Isolat film
  • isolate only single-layered

10. Dispense

  • repositioning the model
  • lock with bottom plate
  • fill dosage dispenser, because equal filling levels guarantee the optimal mixing ratio (17g powder / 11ml liquid for a prosthesis)

11. Fill

  • mix Castdon Monomer and Polymer homogeneously in the mixing bowl
  • fill in a thin stream through one channel only

12. Polymerize

  • cure in Polymax for 15 minutes at 45° C
  • fill the water level up to the edge of the cuvette
  • the resin-filled funnels should not be submerged

13. Remove

  • after polymerisation, loosen the bottom plate
  • demoulding the model
  • the denture is easily detached from the model

14. Fine work

  • the rework is reduced to removal of surpluses, fine work with sandpaper
  • ... and polishing - done!

Are you still unsure in the application? We regularly offer workshops on the topic, held by experienced experts.

You find all the products for the production of our castdon prostheses in the product overview of the denture pouring system.