Rooted in dental technology on the way to the digital future

Dreve offers orientation in all matters of dental technology. With our more than 80 patents, we develop conventional and digital solutions that save time and costs - at consistently high quality. Products are not developed for their own sake, but only if they offer added value to users. Digital and conventional: Dreve's product range combines the best of both worlds. That's why, in addition to focusing on digital technologies, we will also be exhibiting our analog "Made in Germany" product range.

3D printing that simply works

At IDS, Dreve will be showing the digital workflow in its entirety, thus offering the regulatory-secured process from data preparation to the finished application. The best solution for users who want to "just print".

We want to be taken at our word! The satisfaction of our customers is our claim. Therefore, our contact does not end with the purchase of a printer: it starts there. Our experts for dental additive manufacturing and 3D printing provide support on the way to the laboratory of the future and guide you competently through the process.

Our IDS novelties

For all those, who simply want to print

In more and more areas of everyday dental work, the path leads to the digital laboratory. To ensure greater flexibility and more efficient workflows at the end of this path, we offer the digital workflow – qualified by Dreve. All process steps of the dental 3D workflow are seamlessly interlinked and ensure consistently high quality. Because you achieve precise print results in series with a complete system in which all process components are seamlessly interlinked. The Dreve 3D printing product portfolio is based on the system concept: devices and materials, software and hardware are optimally matched and adjusted to each other. This results in a validated process chain with printed products that are more precise and last longer.


Phrozen Sonic XL 4K

Compact LCD desktop printer with 52 μm printing precision thanks to 4K display and high light intensity for fast build times. High-quality processed full metal housing, large installation space and easy tray handling make the Dreve version of the Sonic XL 4K a user-friendly 3D printer for all dental applications.

To product

  • Building platform with optimal adhesion properties
  • Customized software with precisely adjusted pressure profiles
  • Comprehensive service and support from our experts
  • Dreve ElementS slicer and optimized print profiles for top results
  • Large construction volume: 200 × 125 × 200 mm
  • Easy replacement of components such as the tray blank
  • 52 μm printing precision thanks to 4K display
  • High light intensity for short build times
  • W-LAN, LAN and USB connection
  • Web-based control and monitoring
  • Touchscreen, intuitive software
  • Low maintenance
  • Technical Service by Dreve


Cleaning unit for 3D printed components after the printing process. Unit with magnetic stirrer technology and automatic transfer between the two basins. Various cleaning programs can be selected and created via the touchscreen. The platform of the Sonic XL 4K can be hooked directly into the unit and cleaned together with the adhering components.

To product

  • Customized cleaning profiles for the FotoDent® materials
  • Optimal complement for the Sonic XL 4K
  • Automatic transfer between pre-cleaning and post-cleaning
  • Technical Service by Dreve

PCU vario

LED-based laboratory device for curing 3D printed components. Ensuring mechanics and biocompatibility through effective deep curing. The PCU vario offers both the option of a vacuum atmosphere as well as the option of curing under nitrogen. Biocompatible curing without inhibition layer can be achieved.

  • Modular design with up to 3 polymerization chambers and only one control module
  • Open system with 30 freely programmable memory locations
  • Logging and monitoring of process parameters
  • Nitrogen and vacuum atmosphere possible


FotoDent® tray2 385 / 405 nm

Optimized, biocompatible resin for the fabrication of dental, individual impression trays. High reactivity with low viscosity. Simplified cleaning and improved mechanical properties. Two times faster printing times, layer thicknesses of 300 μm possible. The finished impression trays have a homogeneous surface, which significantly reduces manual reworking.

To product

  • High printing speed
  • Easy cleaning
  • Extreme breaking strength
  • Available in the colors reddish-transparent, blue-transparent, green-transparent

FotoDent® model3 385 / 405 nm

FotoDent® model3 is the latest variant of the dental model range. It is characterized by a short printing time, which results in a higher production capacity. Processable on all common DLP and LCD printing systems. The printed dental model can be easily cleaned with water after production and impresses with a high level of drawing accuracy.

  • High printing speed
  • Water washable
  • Attractive price

FotoDent® splint 405 nm

Light-curing material for the production of dental splints by means of 3D printing process. The molded part produced is particularly fracture-resistant and has a homogeneous surface. Dental splints made from FotoDent® splint are biocompatible.

To product

  • Outstanding mechanical properties
  • Excellent surface properties
  • Easy cleaning of the splint

FotoDent® TCB 385 nm

FotoDent® TCB is a 3D printable composite material for the fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges. Suitable for chairside and laboratory printers. Available in the colors A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1 and BleachX.

  • Perfect use for DLP printers
  • Available in 6 colors

FotoDent® insulant

Biobased insulating material for 3D printed resin models in the processing of auto­polymers. Optimum insulation between resin dental model and resin plate for the scattering process in the orthodontic field. Also suitable for the fabrication of dentures, e.g. from Castdon.

To product

  • Easy detachment of the cured orthodontic plate from the dental model
  • Optimal insulating properties