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Dreve launches impression silicone with color change and faster formulation

The A-silicone Zerosil® soft has been an integral part of the Dreve product portfolio for over 30 years. During this time, the universally applicable impression silicone has developed as THE alternative to alginates. The reason lies in the unlimited storable impressions - no warping, no shrinkage, can be poured several times, can be disinfected and is compatible with all plasters.

Together with orthodontists and dentists, the material specialists from Germany have now greatly improved the formulation of Zerosil® soft. A-silicones are very temperature-sensitive in terms of their setting behavior. This can lead to uncertainties when taking the impression.

For reliable results, Zerosil® soft now contains a chemical color indicator that visually reflects the setting process using the color gradient from “plum” to “orange” 1:1. In this way, the final color is only achieved when the curing phase is really over.

In addition, processing time and time in the mouth could each be shortened by 25% - an enormous time saving for every impression!
For users, this means reliable, precise impressions in less time.

Zerosil® soft with color change Farbumschlag in the 5:1 cartridge is now available here.

  • Dr. med. dent. Harald Schmidt

    Dentist in Bad Laasphe, Germany

    "By switching from alginate to Zerosil® soft, I save twice: Material, because the impression can be poured several times and can be stored indefinitely. And time, because the chemical color indicator reliably shows the end of the polymerization."

Zerosil® soft

With color change

No shrinkage, reflects visually the setting process, unlimited storable impressions

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  • Temporary restoration monophase
  • Provisional fabrication situation
  • Situation impression monophase
  • Situation impression situation
  • Opposite jaw impression monophase
Color:plum -> orange
Final hardness:40 Shore A
Processing time:1:00 min
Period inside mouth:2:00 min
Consistency:medium – type 2