3D printing is getting greener

Dreve launches the first bio-based model resin

Even if the headlines suggest something else: sustainability, climate, environment are as relevant issues as ever and will remain so. The product developers at Dreve Dentamid GmbH take this development into account and can now present the first impressive result to the dental world with the newest member of the FotoDent® family:
FotoDent® biobased model is a light-curing resin that consists of 50 percent renewable raw materials. The ecological advantage of bio-based raw materials over petroleum-based raw materials is that they have less impact on the climate during the production of the resin: If the carbon is bound from biomass, it does not turn into carbon dioxide. This is where plants convert carbon dioxide into a valuable raw material. This reverses the trend that humanity is increasingly emitting more carbon than carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

When selecting suppliers, care was taken to ensure that the raw materials used do NOT compete with food production and that local conditions during production are taken into account. The use of FotoDent® biobased model can thus be an important part of the company's own sustainability strategy! In addition, the resin is free from carcinogenic or fertility-impairing substances. The proportion of volatile organic compounds (VOC) is very low and pollutes the atmosphere less than conventional 3D printing materials.
Even with the bio-based FotoDent® model material, the material properties are optimally matched to use in the aligner workflow. The viscosity could also be reduced significantly - this reduces the cleaning effort for every printed part.


Did you know ...?

The renewable raw materials are parts of wheat and maize that are not used for food production. The production of these herbal ingredients does not compete with food production. They are also genetically unmodified.

FotoDent® biobased model 385 nm

A light-curing resin that consists of 50 percent renewable raw materials

The material properties are of course optimally matched to the model production (also in the aligner workflow). FotoDent® biobased model can be cleaned with FotoClean.

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  • Less pollution of the atmosphere
  • Free from carcinogenic substances
  • Shorter cleaning times
Colorbeige opaque
Size1 kg bottle
Flexural modulus≥ 2,200 MPa
Viscosity~ 0.6 Pa s
Flexural strength≥ 95 MPa