Innovative products from tradition

We develop product systems that are based on the requirements of dentists and dental technicians for their work utensils. Or, to put it proverbially: We are always up to date and in almost every mouth. In order to provide you with excellent quality, we only use selected raw materials for the production of our products and produce according to the latest working methods.

This is how we meet today's requirements in terms of quality, durability and biocompatibility. Our production standard is also documented by the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485 and the directive 93/42/EEC for medical devices.

In perfect shape for you.
Impression silicones by Dreve.

Silicone products are one of our core competences. Innovative and economical at the same time: We make this claim to ourselves and our products alike. This is made possible with high-quality raw materials, qualified employees and certified manufacturing processes.

From the transparent impression silicone to the scannable bite registration - our strict quality standards guarantee the consistently high quality that is essential for your daily work.

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Almost too good to serve as gap filler only.
Temporary C&B materials by Dreve.

Fixtemp C&B materials offer outstanding technical values and convince by a setting temperature which is not damaging the dental pulp. They are easy to apply, very precise and reach the soft-elastic phase after just 90 seconds.

The improved physical properties of the composite simplify the fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges as well as inlays and onlays while ensuring superior fit.

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3D printing: Dreve sets standards.
Count on us.

Leader in detail precision in DLP resin production: With the FotoDent® product world, you benefit from our longstanding expertise with many innovations in medical 3D printing. Perfectly matched systems meet your requirements in CAD/CAM application, enabling you to obtain better results, more precise and longer lasting.

And if you prefer to have it printed: Print@Dreve is your convenient order portal. The dental models can be delivered straight to the laboratory in the highest precision of detail at the push of a button.

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Pioneering for decades.
Thermoforming technique by Dreve.

We have certainly revolutionised dental technology with the introduction of thermoforming. Still convinced of this process, we continue to work on improving thermoforming technique with high-end equipment and specialised blanks.

Convince yourself of the many possible applications – from individual sports mouthguard to aligner therapy.

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Much more than just brackets.
Orthodontic products from Dreve.

The special field “Orthodontics” deserves products for professionals – as high quality and integrated as your treatment. That is why Dreve is consistently expanding the orthodontic range – from the aligner system with blanks and high-end thermoforming units to innovative 3D printing resins.

And if you prefer to have it printed: Print@Dreve is your convenient ordering portal that delivers orthodontic models and IBTs in the highest detail precision straight to your practice at the push of a button.

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Strong alone, stronger together.
The resin pouring technique system by Dreve.

Functional, aesthetic, custom-fit: With Castdon we offer an unbeatable, complete cold-curing system for the resin pouring technique. In contrast to the hot polymer, dentures made of Castdon resin have a significantly lower shrinkage. In addition, the processing is easier, faster and cleaner.

Are you still unsure in the application? We regularly offer workshops on the topic, held by experienced experts.

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Let there be light.
Equipment and materials for light polymerisation.

Light-curing materials are among the most common laboratory helpers in the dental daily laboratory use. Without these and the appropriate equipment many elementary work steps cannot be adequately performed. This is why we constantly research innovations in the field of light curing. The replacement of light tubes by LEDs in our devices is a shining example for simplified, more economical work processes.

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Runs like a charm.
Laboratory silicones by Dreve.

Laboratory silicones have been a fixed component of our product portfolio since the company was founded. Over the years, we have become specialists in dental silicones. We are proud of our product diversification with a wide range of services for everyday work in the dental laboratory - from duplicating to positioner silicone.

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The finishing touch.
More products and accessories by Dreve.

Small but powerful: Often it is tiny details that decide the quality of a piece of work. That's why we dedicate ourselves to the little things with the utmost care and commitment - from the model stump material to the mixing canula. We also set the highest quality standards for our accessories with the guiding principle "Everything from one source". Always with the aim to provide a quality product available for the user.

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