What makes Dreve Mouthguards so special?

With Dreve Mouthguards breathing, swallowing and speaking are easily possible. That's why our mouthguards are to be found in the pockets of many professional athletes. Unlike the retail Boil and Bite splints, Drive Mouthguards are made by true specialists: Controlled by the dentist, individually manufactured in the dental laboratory. Always matched to the specific patient situation.

What are Dreve Mouthguards?

Dreve Mouthguards are the worldwide professional mouthguard system for competition, training and leisure sports, precisely matched to the age of the wearer and the particular sport. An original Dreve Mouthguard is always a laminate of 2 or 3 Drufosoft® blanks and is manufactured under high pressure (6 bar). Thus we can guarantee that the lamination which is  crucial for an optimal shock absorption and a tight fit, holds permanently.

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