The first double cartridge silicone for quick and precise repairs by Dreve

In the dental laboratory, the clock ticks a little faster – especially with minor repairs. For these and other special cases, we have now developed a new duo that provides valuable services in this work.

The special feature: the two new high-performance silicones from the Laborsil range are produced exclusively as double cartridge material. This has many advantages for users: always 100% mixing, very short processing and setting times and extremely user-friendliness.


  • High-speed silicone for repairs in record time
  • Extremely fast processing
  • Very easy to use

Laborsil speed

Particularly suitable as a silicone matrix for repairs and extensions

Versatile die material with a final hardness of 75 Shore A and excellent reproduction of details. For reliable results, Laborsil speed contains a chemical color indicator which visually reflects the setting process based on the color gradient from "blue" to "white" 1:1. In this way, the final colour is only achieved when the curing phase is really over.

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Processing time:0:30 min.
Demouldability:2:00 min.
Shore hardness:75 Shore A
Colour:blue -> white
Consistency:medium – type 2
  • Charalabos Patrikalakis

    Master Dental Technician in Dortmund

    „The handling with a double cartridge was a little unusual at the beginning, but the advantages outweigh the application: Laborsil speed is very well suited for quick repairs and expansions. It is more accurate to the drawing than conventional kneadable silicones. In addition, the negative is extremely legible thanks to the final color "white". "

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Laborsil clear

Particularly suitable as a matrix silicone for light-curing composites

Versatile, highly transparent silicone with a final hardness of 70 Shore A. Due to its light permeability, it is particularly suitable as a matrix material for light-curing anterior and posterior tooth composites.

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Processing time:0:30 min.
Final hardness:75 Shore A
Consistency:medium – type 2