Worldwide we notice an increasing interest and consequently rising turnovers related to aligner technique. Many laboratories are nowadays specializing in this application especially suitable for adult patient

  • with high expectations regarding esthetics
  • little time, and
  • smaller tooth malalignments

With the help of aligners, teethrows can be corrected without brackets. The treatment is divided into many individual small steps of tooth movement. Per step, a digital model is printed and a special foil (e.g. Biolon) is thermoformed over the model. Each aligner splint is worn for approximately 2 weeks. Depending on the individual patient case, up to 35 splints per jaw will be needed.

Impression / Scan

First register the current situation of the patient’s anatomy using Dynax® mono. Then digitize the scannable impression for CAD with the help of a lab scanner.


Prepare the scan data in a suitable CAD software for the individual steps of tooth movement. Alternatively the design can be done by a partnering company, e.g. exceed.


Production of digital models

Produce the working models in a 3D printing process for maximum time savings. Dreve offers you the choice: Print it yourself or have it printed, according to your preference.

FotoDent® biobased model is a light-curing resin that consists of 50 percent renewable raw materials. The material properties are of course ideal for model production (also in Aligner workflow). Do not forget to add an ID tag to every model. This allows the patient to recognize the correct order of his treatment on each splint.

Especially developed for new generations of printers with 385 nm: Light-curing resin for the manufacturing of dental models for orthodontics and prosthetics. Faster printing process thanks to increased performance, still maintaining the usual precision of detail. Do not forget to add an ID tag to every model. This allows the patient to recognize the correct order of his treatment on each splint.

Your convenient order portal for 3D dental models „Made in Germany“. Whether prosthetics, orthodontics or other medical devices, we offer precisely detailed manufactured parts, a system open to the maximum as well as a validated process chain. All from one source: from data validation to final curing, our highly qualified technical support ensures the best industrial standard for your model. This will be received by you not only in constant quality but also in record time: Thanks to the uniform process management in the factory your model leaves our premises within 48 hours.


The selection of the appropriate thermoforming unit depends on your workload and the product line you offer to your patients.

Vacuum unit Vacfomat V9 2.0

  • Vacuum-based pure aligner unit
  • 9 aligner splints in one thermoforming process
  • Up to 108 aligner splints per hour

Pressure units

  • Many different fields of application
  • 1 aligner splint per thermoforming process

Analog thermoforming of aligners

Per patient treatment an average of 15 to 30 aligner splints will be needed

Biolon is a very well established complete program of thermoforming foils. Thus, any aligner treatment is simplified to the maximum. Highly transparent, tough-elastic thermoforming foils for the production of individual well-fitting aligners.

Foil thicknesses for each phase of treatment (aligner & retainer)
soft 0.5 mm
medium 0.625 mm
hard 0.75 mm



Take the foil out of the unit


Separate the foil from the model


Cut out and grind



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