Fast. Strong. Stylish. V-Max Manufacturing

Time pressure and stress in the work processes are now history! Thanks to the consistent acceleration of production processes and perfectly matched combinations of equipment and material, you can hold your product up to 40 percent faster in your hands - thanks to Dreve unit manufacturing.


The situation
Tight deadlines are often the cause of day-to-day stress in the manufacture of dental products. Dental technicians know: this can really get you down.

The solution
Systematic speeding up of production processes, achievable thanks to the intelligent combination of equipment and materials.

Your benefit
Free time! The clever V-Max tips are easy to implement and can speed up processes by up to 40 %. That leaves scope for creativity.

Light polymerisation

Light polymerisation has a decisive effect on the quality of many materials. Alongside the choice of material, correct processing with the right equipment is crucial. The EyeVolution® is a light-curing unit based on LED technology. Offering the spectrum ranges of 385 + 470 nm, the unit can be used for all the base materials currently available.

V-Max-Tip EyeVolution®

Perfect functional-therapeutic splints (CMD) thanks to power LEDs in combination with high speed. Particularly fast with and Lightplast® base plates.

Pressure polymerisation

The robust Polymax pressure polymerisation units are suitable for hot and cold polymerisation. Polymax offers an adjustable pressure range of 3–6 bar and infinitely variable temperature adjustment for cold and hot polymerisates (95 °C). Digital displays make product control easy. Pressure hose and water-drain valve included in delivery.

V-Max Tip: Polymax 5

Now you can handle more at the same time. Plenty of space in the pot and convenient controls make all the difference: with Castdon, total dentures are completed in record time.

Duplication technique

Time is money. Using the correct equipment and materials lets you achieve optimum quality. At the same time, the working process becomes shorter and safer. Many applications – one solution. The Dosper evo delivers convincing detail accuracy and high reproduction of detail graphic accuracy. It works efficiently and saves time, without shrinkage.

V-Max Tip: Dosper evo

Stirred and shaken? When you send Dublisil® speed silicone through your Dosper evo, you will discover that unrivalled precision and exceptional speed are not a contradiction in terms.

Thermoforming technique

Functional diagnostics in dentistry is a special field concerned with the position of the mandibular joints relative to the lower jaw and the effects of misalignment on
the human body. In addition, the subject of injuries to the teeth and their prevention is becoming increasingly important.

The Drufomat is the professional solution for producing all kinds of functional-diagnostic splints and gumshields to protect against sports accidents. Its range of applications therefore also includes splints for treating CMD (Cranio-Mandibular Dysfunction) or sleep disorders due to snoring.

V-Max Tip: Drufomat scan

In seconds, the barcode scanner saves the workflow for the perfectly matched Biolon foil, thereby accelerating production of the functional-therapeutic splints (CMD).

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